how-to-withdraw your zash from Trekapt

To withdraw form your Trekapt account, login and navigate to MY Account.

Click on My Wallet

Click on Withdraw at the bottom

Before you can Withdraw, you need to enter your ZIMBOCASH wallet address to receive the funds i will be sending you(hence the warning: “click here to setup bank account details” ignore the ‘bank’ its not an actual BTC account its your ZASH acc). Go to the Payment Settings page to set the account name (can be anything you want) then enter wallet Address in the second field.(Important: Zimbocash transactions are irreversible! If you enter the wrong Zimbocash address, i will not be able to do anything to reverse the transaction). Click save changes after completion.

Go back to the Withdraw request tab and enter the amount you would like to withdraw. Click Submit request. I will send your ZASH as soon as possible after receiving your withdrawal request.

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